The day ends

This week we focus on LIFESTYLE

Our first article brings to you Vasai, a city on the outskirts of Mumbai, which could be your one day trip soon.Away from you 9 to 5 jobs and the hustle and bustle of the city we take you to Vasai to rejuvenate you and for some incredible and serene experience.

Vasai , a suburban town in Palghar district, north of Mumbai which forms a part of Vasai-Virar city is famous for its beautiful beaches and Portuguese built forts . Just like other places in Mumbai, even this part of the city attracts a lot of tourists. One of the most famous places include the Vasai Fort which has remnants of Portuguese building and walls dating back from 16th and 17th century. These are shaded by mango trees and palms. There are also decorative gateways inscribed with coats of arms and Portuguese graves. Another place is the Tungareshwar waterfalls which is located in Tungareshwar National park. Tourists visit this place to enjoy the falls. This wonderful waterfall makes a great monsoon getaway but on weekends it gets a little bit crowded. Vasai also has a its 3 beautiful beaches the Bhuigaon beach, suruchi beach and rangaon beach. These beaches are worth visiting with your family or close friends, the suruchi trees enhances the beauty of the beach and makes the place one of the most beautiful places in Mumbai. East Indians or East Indian Catholics or ethno-religious Roman Catholic community forms 80% of the population in vasai. Although, they have preserved their pre-Christian Marathi culture and traditions, many Portuguese  influences have been absorbed. They still retain many of the practises of pre-Christian tradition. One of the most important attraction of vasai is its nature and variety of aquatic birds found here. Vasai along its urbanization, it preserves its nature and wildlife too making it different from other urban settlements in and around Mumbai.

a video to guide you through a short experience of Vasai:


We walked around the city and realised that Mumbai was inevitably a city that suffered multiple personality disorder. Why? you ask? We bring to you the diverse lifestyle of people in the city:


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