Let’s be a little more Human

Love can be Shared

This week we accompanied St.Anthony Youth Group,Vasai to an orphanage . The orphanage was located on the outskirts of Vasai and was only for young boys.These children showed a lot of generosity, sharing, caring and love towards one another and everyone around them.

This was a community effort. Many individuals supported this event in one or more ways: coming on the trip, donating money and giving input regarding how best to use the donations gathered to benefit the orphans. Mr.Gavin said,”By God’s grace, we were able to raise more than $1,500 for this cause.”  It was used to buy food and supplies for the orphanages.

The trip to the orphanage was a moving experience for everyone present there. We could see evidence of the human condition and struggle in some. Yet, it was amazing to see the apparent open hearts, curiosity, willingness to help and eagerness to learn of other children and to hear about their dreams. One boy shared that he wants to be a doctor. Another wants to study criminology. We also saw 5 young adults who are still living at the orphanage who are either University or medical students (3 University students and 2 medical students). In return for the support, they work at the orphanage. It seems that it is a very busy life for them as they juggle school and work. It was inspiring to see them reach this level of accomplishment and strive for a better life with meager means and support.

It was also touching to see how they embraced life and cared for each other and to hear about their generosity despite how little they have. During our tour, we also heard the story that sometimes orphan children were dropped off at night and found themselves in the middle of the dormitory room as there was not enough space in the orphanage. Some of the children that were already there would come to them and bring them their doll (perhaps their only belonging) in an effort to welcome and comfort them. They may have been received in this way when they arrived at the orphanage.



My feet burn in the sun
Even though i carry the shadow

What am I looking for?
What do i look for like mad ?
Where is my home?
I keep asking this to myself..

Wandering in streets..
Where do i come from
Where do i belong

Sometimes i feel i am free like a bird
No home, No mom, No shackles at all
Do I belong to all

What is this answer which i want

Hiding the hurt in my smile
I believe I belong to all

No one knows who i am

Yet I belong to all

Akanksha,the World that many Desire
In the modern world, where everyone is so much into themselves that they forget about the words called compassion and love. Discrimination and hatered has spread among humans like wildfire, but there is always a superhero l, a ray of hope and light. Such among us is a girl called Prettie Bhagle, a student of Wilson College who is associated with an NGO called ‘Akansha’.
    ‘Akansha’ works for the underprivileged children. This organisation provides free education for all these kids. Prettie gave ‘Akansha’ a shot as an intern. Over there Prettie has been working as a dance instructor since 2 years, which she really enjoys. As a part of ‘Akansha’ Prettie has done some of the projects- like conducting various dance workshops. One of her projects was related to the LGBT community which was a pride walk for removing the bridges between them and the taboo. Her life’s best memories has been associated with this NOG itself which had left her teared eyes, leaving her with astonishing nostalgia and self learning. She wants, in her future to be intact with ‘Akansha’ and keep on doing the best for the kids and nevertheless be a part of our country’s development indirectly.
    In the end, Prettie wanted to share a message for our subscribers. She wants everyone to be loving and compassionate. She further adds that loving is the only medicine which cures from hating and discriminating others which will fill you with euphoria and positivity and you will feel out of the world and different with lots of positivity in you.

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